IWe have incredible antiquities we have rich history in Egypt.

With Ahmed Said Aly Said. Tour guide and Archaeologist for more than 13 years, since 2005. Egypt with groups and with individuals.



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With sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the explorer in all of us. Visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, where Tutankhamun’s tomb was unearthed, and see the glittering finds in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Hop off a Nile boat to visit Dendara, Edfu or one of the other waterside temples, cross Lake Nasser to see Ramses II’s masterpiece at Abu Simbel, or trek into the desert to find the traces of Roman trading outposts. 

Egypt once ruled an empire from Al Qahira – Cairo, the City Victorious. The metropolis is packed with soaring minarets and medieval schools and mosques, some of the greatest architecture of medieval Islam. At the same time, Egypt’s native Christians, the Copts, have carried on their traditions that in many respects – such as the church’s liturgical language and the traditional calendar – link back to the time of the pharaohs. Tap into the history in Cairo's early churches and in remote desert monasteries.


That empty beach with nothing but a candlelit cabin, and a teeming coral reef offshore: they’re waiting for you in Egypt. The coast along the Red Sea has a rugged desert beauty above the waterline and a psychedelic vibrancy below – rewarding to explore on a multiday outing to one of the globe’s great dives or on an afternoon’s snorkelling jaunt along a coral wall. There is even more space and just as much beauty in Egypt’s vast deserts. Whether you’re watching the sun rise between the beautiful shapes of the White Desert or the shimmering horizon from the comfort of a hot spring in Siwa Oasis, Egypt’s landscapes are endlessly fascinating.

The old saying that Egypt is the gift of the Nile still rings true: without the river there would be no fertile land, no food and a lot less electricity. Although people's lives are increasingly physically detached from the water, the Nile still exerts a uniquely powerful role. Luckily for visitors, the river is also the perfect place from which to see many of the most spectacular ancient monuments, which is one reason why a Nile cruise remains such a popular way to travel.


All that is needed to participate in the group is to buy a tourist package on the -Earth ViaTor- website and a ticket to the plane  in two directions there and back, on the dates that you are satisfied with, insurance for the whole trip, and money for personal expenses., and send a copy of the tourist package payment, print out the ticket and scan the passport to the post 

( earthviator@outlook.com ) for the date that suits you. All programs are displayed on the page (Booking) and go (Hotel Deals Finder the Refer link:https://www.travelor.com?fid=22955  ) on the :  

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This price includes: meeting at the airport,  reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel, stay at the hotel, accommodation and dinner in hotel, a comfortable bus is always with us.

And end of trip in the last day will have breakfast, and the agreed time, will transfer them to the airport,  help with the ticket at the airport back home, optional all participants receive the book "ETERNAL LIFE"  from the author of the site -Earth ViaTor-

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I invite groups and private traders to Egypt.

10 Days to Egypt.

Egypt is perhaps best known as the home of the ancient Egyptian civilization, with its temples, hieroglyphs, mummies, and - visible above all - its pyramids. Less well-known is Egypt's medieval heritage, courtesy of Coptic Christianity and Islam - ancient churches, monasteries and mosques punctuate the Egyptian landscape. Egypt stimulates the imagination of western tourists like few other countries and is  one of the most popular tourist destinations world-wide.

Price for 1 persons 7 500$


The crossing into the underworld.


List of World Heritage         Sites in Egypt

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Welcome to Egypt


We work with international documentary cinematographers, who will be interested in the hidden secrets of the historical  Egypt, about which you will learn from me in a special package for the film, that you will shoot with profetionals guide in Egypt.
From the Author and the writer of books about the new science of the Universe, which is a shocking the world!
The Team by the Author of the -Earth ViaTor-

  Egypt welcomes you with its mighty Nile and magnificent monuments, the beguiling desert and lush delta, and with its long past and welcoming, story-loving people.


Welcome to the mystery Egypt.

The Best Itinerary of Egypt :

This journey through Egypt packs in the best of culture and adventure

in ten energetic days. Explore the ancient sites along the Nile and discover the most famous of them all, the Great Pyramids of Giza. 


     Day 1- waiting the guest in Cairo airport with the new airconditioned car and professional Driver to take the guest to the hotel to relax.if the guest wants to come out to see or do any thing in his arrival day I will be at his service. 

     Day 2- visiting the great pyramids of Giza, sphinx, riding camel or horse and going around the pyramids by the camel or the horse, also there is special places for meditation in the pyramids Area. Then we go for visiting the stores of the pharaonic perfumes and the papyrus institute to show the guest how the ancient Egyptians were Making their sheets of papyrus which was used for writings. Then we go for lunch then we go to visit the Egyptian Museum where you can visit the objects of the pharaohs this museum has more than 200 thousand object from all over Egypt.Then we come back to the hotel.

     Day3-visiting the oldest pyramid in the history (the step pyramid of zoser) in saqqarah, then we visit the traditional factories of the local handmade carpets in saqqarah, then we visit the remains of the first capital of Egypt which is called (Memphis) its date back to 3200 B.C ,then we go for lunch then we go for visiting the pyramids of Dahshur. Then we come back to the hotel.

     Day 4- we go to visit the citadel of Cairo it backs to more than 1000 year.and we visit inside it the alabaster mosque , then we go for visiting old Cairo where we can visit the  Jewish synigoug of Ben izra, also we visit the old churches , also we will pass through the city of the dead in this day , then going for lunch and coming back to the hotel .

     Day 5- travelling to Alexandrea about Three hundred  kilometers by our private car to spend a nice day there visiting the citadel of Alex, The tombs of the kom el cholera( catacombs) the pillar of pompey , visiting the huge liberary of Alexandrea, having some photos on the meditrenan sea, then we go to a very nice restaurant to engoy see food meal,coming back to Cairo. 

     Day 6- travelling to Aswan by flight to visit the sights of Aswan like the high Dam , phile temple , the unfinished oblesk , then we frequent our five stars Nile cruise to navigate to Luxor on our way we will stop to visit kom ombo temple , Edfu temple , then we reach Luxor where we can visit the valley of kings , Hatshepsut temple ,the clossi of Memnon , Teme of Luxor and Karnak temple . 
This Nile cruise takes 4 days from Aswan to Luxor .Then we come back to Cairo for departure . 

     This program is 10 days.

     The following:
1- all the entrance fees are included for the areas .
2- all the transportation are included.
3- all the meals are included on the Nile cruise it is full board.
4-in Cairo hotel it is Bb , bed and breakfast , five stars hotel.
5-Lunch and dinner included. 


  Price for 1 persons 7 500 $


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