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#15       Shopping Tour.

Shopping Day departing from Milan at Vicolungo Outlet

-Earth Viator- offers a variety of tour packages, all promising that added personal touch. My trips guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic travel experience. Take a look at the sorts of tour packages I offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a tour with me today.


It's no coincidence that every traveler, sooner or later, comes to Italy. The reasons for its popularity are quite obvious, given the unique experiences that only Italy can offer. There's literally everything you can wish for: Italy boasts a unique combination of art, culture, history and nature, not to mention the extraordinary Italian food. A custom-made trip, tour or holiday in Italy will satisfy every type of traveler.

Take a stroll down the streets and squares in Venice, admire the architectural wonders of Florence or sip a cocktail while admiring a spectacular sunset behind the Imperial Fora in Rome. But Italy is much more than that. There are also beautiful coastal itineraries and museums, historic towns perfectly preserved and towering mountains, metropolitan areas and wheat fields as far as the eye can see.

Places like Tuscany, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast and cities like Verona, Naples or Siena will definitely turn on the imagination of every traveler worthy of its name.

The beauty of Italy's coastline is unmatched: which country can boast a shoreline like the Italian one? It offers sandy beaches, rocky shores and sea stacks that overlook natural pools so blue they look unreal. Sicily and Sardinia, Italy's largest island, are even better and the Aeolian, Aegadian, La Maddalena or the Tremiti Islands offer breathtaking views and crystal clear waters. Sailing lovers and scuba divers will feel at home here!

Food is an extremely important aspect in the Italian culture. During your perfect trip to Italy you can't miss some deliciuos dishes like pasta, pizza and the oustanding Italian wine. But there are also countless local dishes that will please every food lover out there.

So, if you really want to discover Italy in the best possible way be sure to browse all the tailor made tours offered by our local experts: your dream holiday is just waiting for you.

All that is needed to participate in the group is to buy a tourist package on the -Earth ViaTor- website and a ticket to the plane  in two directions there and back, on the dates that you are satisfied with, insurance for the whole trip, and money for personal expenses., and send a copy of the tourist package payment, print out the ticket and scan the passport to the post 

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This price includes: meeting at the airport,  reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel, stay at the hotel, accommodation and dinner in hotel, a comfortable bus is always with us.

And end of trip in the last day will have breakfast, and the agreed time, will transfer them to the airport,  help with the ticket at the airport back home, optional all participants receive the book "ETERNAL LIFE"  from the author of the site -Earth ViaTor-

  • Exclusive the ultimate shopping experience from Milan

  • Join our enjoyable shopping tour of The Style Outlets in Vicolungo

  • Explore over 150 stores from the most renowned brands in the world

  • Take advantage of unbelievable discounts of up to 70%

#16        Shopping Tour of the Serravalle Outlet, departing from Milan

  • Enjoy a day of pleasant shopping at the Serravalle Outlet

  • Visit the largest and majestic outlet in all of Europe

  • Take advantage of the great discount opportunities of the outlet

  • Choose from Prada, Gucci, Versace and many other top brands

  • Back home with a lot of "souvernirs" from Italy


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 10 Days Tour of Naples Pompeii, Sorrento, Florence and Venice departing from Rome.Travel through Lazio, Campania, Tuscany and Veneto regions in a ten-day tour which will let you discover breathtaking sceneries, historic sites and priceless extraordinary cities such as RomeNaplesFlorence and Venice.  Price for 1 persons 7 560 $


 Italy World Heritage List 

                           Wonderful Italy 

The beauty of Italy's coastline is unmatched: which country can boast a shoreline like the Italian one!

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10 Stunning Places Every Jetsetter Should Visit

Tours in Italy

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Rome, Italy

Welcome to Rome

With over two and a half thousand years of history and astonishing classical beauty, Rome truly deserves to be called the Eternal City. From the breath-taking Colosseum to the famous Trevi Fountain, Rome has something for every taste.


9 Days Tour From Rome to Assisi on the traces of Etruscans, Romans, Popes and Saints.

City Visited:

Rome, Civitavecchia, Viterbo, Todi, Assisi,Villa Giulia in Rome, "Tarquinia e gli Etruschi" and the Necropolis of Cerveteri. Price for 1 persons 4 800 $

Florence, Italy

Welcome to Florence

Best-known for the stunning Duomo, Florence is full of amazing buildings and its historic center. The Ponte Vecchio, a 14th-century bridge holding a multitude of shops on its edges is a stunning example and provides a truly unforgettable view.


8 Days, Tuscia: Etruscan landscapes.

Price for 1 persons 6 800 $

Venice, Italy

Welcome to Venice

Renowned for its romantic charm, the entire city of Venice is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spread across 118 islands, formed by 177 canals and connected by 409 bridges this city is truly magnificent.


8 Days Semi Escorted Tour departing from Milan Through Italy. Amazing tour of eight days to visit the best cities of Italy, from Milan. Discover the best of Italy on one exciting, 8-day journey. Admire Italy's 4 major cities: Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice. See the major sights in these destinations and travel by high-speed train!  Price for 1 persons 4 910 $

Milan, Italy

Welcome to Milan

Renowned as the world’s fashion and design capital, Milan is never short on places to see and things to experience. The stunning architecture of the Duomo di Milano and the famous La Scala theater are just a few of the city’s breath-taking attractions. For a more intimate adventure, the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie with Leonardo da Vinci's “Last Supper” lets you view a masterpiece from Italy’s past.


8 Days Emilia Romagna Gourmet.
A tour in Emilia Romagna can only be in the name of food and wine, a hymn to good food and excellent wines, which does not neglect artistic treasures, beautiful medieval cities such as Parma, Modena and Bologna and Renaissance, such as Parma and Ferrara.  Price for 1 persons 4 655 $

Sorrento, Italy

Welcome to Sorrento

A beautiful serene town, lots to offer, and close to amazing coastlines. Bus and train available constantly. A small city, not as scenic as Almafi, but has more variety of things to do ie some shopping, and more choices of restaurants. The Sorrento white chocolate cake is a must try! And it was a short train ride to Pompeii, which is a must-visit.


8 Days,  Calabria, for the detailed travel program:


Price per 1 persons 6 225 $


8  Days trip to Naples will reveal the soul of a corner of the world that preserves an ancient history: from the heart of one of the symbolic cities of the South to the jewels that dot the Amalfi Coast, from the sweetness of Capri to the mysteries of Pompeii.
Naples: not just a stage towards the coast. Price for 1 persons 4 935 $

Positano, Italy

Welcome to Positano

 Positano is great. This suite is great because it's right in the town and you avoid a lot of steps. To enjoy positano you need to be in shape and it's not very accessible. Positano is a beautiful little town with a lot to offer being shops eateries.Positano is a famously great place for a vacation.  The location is awesome. The place is perfect for a romantic holiday. The Amalfi Coast is a feast for the eyes.

Mestre, Italy


5 Days Tour Amalfi Discover all the beauty of the Campania region.
City Visited: Naples, Salerno, Pompeii and Capri. Price for 1 persons 4 440 $

Amalfi, Italy

Welcome to Amalfi

 Amalfi is a very lovely place. Good shops, lovely restaurants on the beach with very good food. Recommend the LePalme restaurant and the Silver Moon on the beach. Magnificent coast. Ferry tri to Positano fantastic. The scenery is amazing.  One of the most beautiful places on earth. 


 10 Days Tour of Naples Pompeii, Sorrento, Florence and Venice departing from Rome.Travel through Lazio, Campania, Tuscany and Veneto regions in a ten-day tour which will let you discover breathtaking sceneries, historic sites and priceless extraordinary cities such as RomeNaplesFlorence and Venice.  Price for 1 persons 7 560 $

Siena, Italy

Welcome to Siena

 Beautiful 14th-century town, interesting old buildings and square. Siena is a charming medieval town surrounded by typical Tuscany views. The cathedral is a real gem but there's really much more to it. Full of history, beautiful Churches, streets,etc.The city and the people are keeping the vibes of the old. You feel you living in middle ages. Great food, great city! Good vibes!


8 Days Puglia and the Salento peninsula.
A holiday in Puglia and in Salento gives emotions in color: the white of the trulli of Alberobello and the houses of Ostuni, the green of the olive trees, the gold of the immaculate beaches and the blue of the two seas of Santa Maria di Leuca. Price for 1 persons 5 520 $

Mestre, Italy

Welcome to Mestre

 Mestre’s clock tower was built in the 12th century and is undoubtedly the most iconic monument in the whole city. Marking the entrance to the bustling piazza, it’s the sole survivor of the old city walls and an important cultural center for locals and visitors. Climb up its steps and listen to the fascinating story of its past ! Cathedral of Saint Lawrence probably the most beautiful cathedral in all of Northern Italy – and in a country of awe-inspiring architecture, that’s definitely saying something. You can explore this gorgeous 17th-century church inside and out.


10 Days, Sicily,Tour Discover behind the wheel the most spectacular places of the Island of Fire.
City Visited:
Palermo, Monreale, Erice, Trapani, Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, Ragusa, Modica Ragusa, Scicli, Noto, Syracuse, Catania, Taormina and Cefalù. Price per 1 persons 3 500 $

Verona, Italy

Welcome to Verona

 Verona is a beautiful city, very romantic with idyllic Italian views. It's a great city to just walk around and look at the architecture. As you are in the narrow streets you really get an amazing feeling of what life was like for centuries. There are a lot of historical sites around city and you can try many local food. Beautiful city with culture oozing out from every single building!

The 7 best places to celebrate Carnival In Italy


8 Days, Sardinia: between sea and mountain.
A holiday in Sardinia will unveil a land of a thousand faces: crystal clear waters and immaculate beaches, but also a mysterious hinterland, archaeological sites with breathtaking magic and ancient traditions. Price per 1 persons 5 425 $

Italy, sailing  yacht and catamaran Cruise in South Sardinia.


          Sailing lovers and scuba divers will feel at home here!

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Italy attracts many and many tourists all year round thanks to its natural beauties and landscape Italy Sardinia Catamaran

Italy: Tours and Trip Ideas -cruise on a Lagoon 400


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